Custom Nba Damian Lillard Loose 12 1/6 Scale Action Figure Model Portland Bucks

It is in generally excellent condition with the exception of black stains from leg tights, a couple of small white marks on back of head sculpt, and wear on socks (NBA logos are rubbed off and threads are visible at peg opening).   

Custom 8 Mego Scale Nicholas Hammond As Spider-man Live Action Figure Tv Series

   I took the time to. Take the time to read the full item description. And to look at all of the pictures. I do not use Stock Photos! I take the time to take new & accurate photos of each individual item I sel l. Not alter or enhance my pictures. Is the item/figure you will get! Custom 1/9th -8 Inch Mego Scale Action Figure of. Nicholas Hammond Live Action TV Show Style Spider-Man Action Figure. You get the complete action figure you see in the pictures. The Head is custom designed, made and hand painted. The Webshooter and Belt Cartridges are custom designed, made and hand ...